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e-dermastamp micro needling treatment newcastle | Honour Health

e-Dermastamp (EDS) is an electronic micro-needling treatment which stimulates natural regenerative responses within your skin, creating a smoother look. It may take up to six weeks before significant results are visible, although the process will continue to work over the following months.

This professional, clinically proven procedure is hugely effective for:

  • acne scarring
  • sun damaged skin
  • stretch marks
  • lines and wrinkles

Fees: from £350

How does it work?

Professional skin needling produces thousands of micro-needle  columns in the skin, which stimulates the skin to naturally regenerate and repair itself.

What does the treatment involve?

EDS uses a leading electronic device to stimulate the epidermis and dermis, allowing us to control the intensity and needle length throughout the procedure to achieve the best possible results. This device has been tested under the strictest quality control system to ensure a safe and thorough procedure.

Before your treatment begins, your skin will be numbed with topical anaesthetic, so you’ll be comfortable throughout the process.

The recommended course of treatment is usually about three sessions at about six weeks apart.

What happens afterwards?

Your skin will remain red (similar to the appearance of moderate sunburn) for around 24-36 hours. Your practitioner may apply a soothing and calming gel that you will continue to use at home until the redness subsides.

It is also important to use Heliocare every morning, which provides UVA and UVB protection for your skin.

Your Recover and Regenerate Home Use Programme will contain everything you need to soothe and protect your skin during your treatment course.

We provide:

  • A free consultation
  • A bespoke treatment plan
  • A written fee estimate
  • Interest free credit for any treatment over £350
  • Review appointment, including skin advice and aftercare
  • 10% off treatments when you become a member of The Honour Health Club (ask us for further information)

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