Now that we’ve welcomed in a brand new year, January is the perfect month to make a fresh start with your dental health.

Did you know that a healthy smile is the very first thing that people notice when they meet somebody new? With this in mind, it’s just as important to adopt a good dental care routine as it is to exercise regularly and to eat a nutritious diet.

As dentists, we see your mouth as being a window to your overall state of health, and we find that patients who step up their efforts to look after their teeth and gums also start to think more carefully about how they’re treating the rest of their body.

If you work to improve your standard of dental health, you’ll soon see that your whole body will benefit from your choices. For example, if you cut down on your sugar intake, with the aim of protecting your teeth from decay, then you’ll also prevent blood sugar spikes, boost your energy levels, see an improvement in your skin, sleep better, and most likely lose weight.

If you’d like to make a fresh start with us in 2021, we’ll conduct a comprehensive dental health assessment, which includes:

  • Mouth cancer risk assessment and screening
  • Gum check and gum disease risk assessment
  • Tooth decay check and tooth decay risk assessment
  • Tooth wear check
  • X-rays (if required)
  • Jaw joint, muscles and neck glands check
  • Cheek, tongue and throat check
  • Fillings and dental work check

After we complete your assessment, we’ll provide you with advice based on your diet, oral hygiene routine, lifestyle, health status and requirements.

If you join our Honour Health Club, you’ll receive two dental health assessments each year, and at least two dedicated hygiene treatments each year, as well as the flexibility of Saturday and weekday evening appointments, worldwide dental insurance, up to 20% off treatments, and much more.

Call your chosen practice to find out more. Make 2021 the year that you revamp your dental care – with the help of Honour Health!

Jesmond – 0191 281 3913

Stanley – 01207 232 725

Ponteland – 01661 821 412