This Saturday 6 March is National Dentist’s Day!

Why mark National Dentist’s Day?

Originally established in America, National Dentist’s Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the work of the dentists all over the world.

Every day, dentists at Honour Health are actively helping patients to look after their oral health and wellbeing. Our dentists play a vital role in helping patients to live healthy lives. After all, oral health is a crucial part of overall health, and all of us at Honour Health see the mouth as being the window to the body.

A friendly approach

At Honour Health, we’re so proud of our dedicated dentists who use the latest dental technology and advanced techniques to provide the highest standards of care when treating our patients. Not only are they incredibly skilled at what they do, but they really understand how to calm nervous patients and put them at ease. Often when our patients write reviews about their experiences at Honour Health, they will mention how comfortable they felt during their visit, thanks to the calming and friendly approach of their dentist. It’s such an important part of the patient experience.

Preventative care

Preventative care is at the heart of our practice, and our dentists use routine check-up appointments to seek out any issues and stop dental problems in their tracks.  This includes actively screening for any signs of mouth cancer, to ensure any potential symptoms are caught early. That’s why our dentists always want to see our patients every six months. Regular monitoring of patient health is key.

Complex treatments

Dentists are trained to carry out very complex surgical and aesthetic treatments, both of which can completely transform a patient’s smile. Our highly experienced clinicians carry out these procedures on a daily basis. It’s wonderful to see how they not only relieve patients of pain, discomfort or embarrassment, but how the results have such a huge effect on a patient’s confidence. Helping a patient to love their smile is what makes dentistry such a rewarding career.

Helping children look after their teeth

It’s really important to recognise that dentists work extremely hard to help children develop good oral health habits from an early age. Our dentists help children learn good brushing techniques and how to properly look after their teeth, mouth and gums . The sooner children get into a routine of regular dental visits, and the happier they are in the dental chair, the less likely they will be to develop any fears of visiting the dentist later in life. 

How can patients join the National Dentist’s Day celebrations?

There are lots of ways to celebrate National Dentist’s Day, and we’d love patients to get involved! Take a look at these ideas:

  • Take a photo when you’re next visiting us and share it on your social media pages, tagging Honour Health and #NationalDentistsDay
  • Write a short review of your visit. This is not only a really helpful way of providing feedback for our team, but also helps other people who might be looking for a dentist in the area. You can review us on Google, Working Feedback, Facebook or via our profile page on the NHS website.
  • Commit to improving your oral health routine. Think about past advice your dentist has given you and consider if you can be doing more. Are you brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste? Do you floss once a day? Could you cut down on snacking between meals? Could you give up smoking?
  • Book your next visit to Honour Health! The best way you can celebrate your dentist would be to commit to seeing them every six months. Our appointments can book up quickly so it’s never too early to get your next check-up in the diary.

To book your next appointment at Honour Health, call or email your chosen practice:

Jesmond – call 0191 281 3913 or email

Stanley – call 01207 232 725 or email

Ponteland – call 01661 821 412 or email

A huge thank you to all of our dentists at Honour Health for the amazing work you do!