Are you considering teeth whitening this summer – perhaps in time for a wedding or a holiday abroad? Teeth whitening is a really effective treatment, and can provide you with a great confidence boost for those all-important wedding photos, but it’s important to do your research!

Did you know, for example, that anyone who carries out teeth whitening is legally required to be a dental professional registered with the General Dental Council? If they’re not a dentist, or a dental hygienist, dental therapist or dental technician working under the supervision of a dentist, then it’s illegal for them to carry out the procedure.

Practitioners in beauty businesses and hairdressing salons are not qualified to carry out teeth whitening, and there is no guarantee that it will be carried out safely. In fact, it could even lead to lasting damage to your teeth and gums.

At Honour Health, we thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to establish whether or not teeth whitening treatment is suitable for you, before explaining your options.

We offer a choice of in-surgery teeth whitening or at-home teeth whitening. For the in-surgery option, we use ‘Zoom!’ – a 45 minute bleaching process, during which time you can relax and read or listen to music, before leaving the surgery with a whiter smile.

We also offer the option for you to whiten your teeth in your own home. We’ll manufacture bespoke bleaching trays to fit on your teeth and gums, apply your first treatment, and show you how to continue whitening independently.

Bear in mind that the whitening effect won’t last as long if you smoke, or drink red wine, tea or coffee, which can all stain your teeth.

Not sure about teeth whitening? We also offer our signature hygiene package, Honour Diamond Airflow, featuring an Airflow machine that cleans and polishes the teeth with a mix of water, compressed air and fine powder particles. It’s hugely effective for gentle stain and plaque removal and is ideal for implant patients, orthodontic patients, smokers, those who have veneers, crowns, bridges and sensitive teeth.
 Our patients love it as a stand-alone treatment to reveal a brighter smile, and also as a pre-whitening treatment to achieve even better teeth whitening results!

Book a free consultation through our website or call your chosen practice to see how we can help you to achieve a brighter smile this wedding season.