Caroline Short, one of our dental therapists here at Honour Health, is our ‘guest blogger’ this week! Read on to find out Caroline’s thoughts about electric toothbrushes…

“Until quite recently, the merits of power (electric) toothbrushing over manual brushing were fairly unclear, but over the course of the past ten years there have been major innovations in power toothbrush design, leading to irrefutable evidence that the future is indeed electric.

However, with so many different products to choose from, each fortified with different features and specifications, the world of electric toothbrushes can seem rather a bewildering one.

I continue to follow the ever-evolving power toothbrush market closely in order to remain up-to-date with contemporary toothbrush designs and provide informed, clinically factual recommendations to my patients.

So the all-important question is – which electric toothbrush performs best? Quite simply, Braun Oral B manufactures toothbrushes in a class of their own; they consistently outperform other toothbrush models in terms of plaque removal and user satisfaction when compared in independent clinical trials.*

Oral B toothbrushes are equipped with a round brush head, which oscillates and rotates to break up and sweep away plaque. The compact brushhead is ideal for reaching tricky areas such as molars and crooked teeth, and a sophisticated three-dimensional pulsating action has been proven to disrupt plaque up to 2mm beyond the bristle tips.

Additional features such as a built-in pressure sensor are also important. With brushhead rotations in the region of 8,000 strokes per minute, this key safety feature helps to prevent tooth surface loss and promote good brushing habits. What’s more, the two-minute timer is very useful when it comes to ensuring optimal plaque-removal is achieved in the shortest possible length of time.

When choosing your Oral B electric toothbrush, be sure to check the product features before you buy. Models of a more simplistic design should be avoided as they will typically offer sub-par plaque removal compared to their more sophisticated counterparts. Why not book a mouth hygiene appointment with me at Jesmond or Ponteland today to discuss your options and find out which toothbrush will best suit your individual needs.

I look forward to making a personal recommendation tailored just for you!”

*All views are my own, based on independent clinical research. I am in no way affiliated with Braun Oral B.

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