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Honour Diamond Airflow

Honour Diamond Airflow

If you’d like a super clean, fresh mouth, and you love the feel of silky smooth teeth, then Honour Diamond Airflow is the treatment for you. The treatment centres around our state of the art EMS Airflow hygiene system, which effectively removes plaque and staining such as tea, coffee, red wine and curry. It is also ideal for smokers, periodontal patients, dental implant patients and orthodontic patients. Play the video below to see Airflow in action!

The Honour Diamond Airflow treatment firstly consists of a thorough hand scale and ultrasonic deep clean to remove all the plaque and tartar build-up in your mouth and to clear any debris from around your teeth and under your gums.

This is followed by Airflow – an innovative technique using an advanced machine to clean and polish teeth and remove plaque and discolouration with a powerful jet of water, compressed air and fine powder particles.

As a non-invasive, deeper-reaching treatment, Airflow is the only dental hygiene system which is able to disrupt any plaque lurking underneath the gums (sub-gingivally), and instantly removes heavy staining to reveal a brighter, fresher smile.

Unlike teeth whitening treatments, Airflow is suitable for those who have veneers, crowns and bridges, and is ideal for those who suffer from sensitive teeth.

Our therapist will then discuss dental hygiene techniques with you and offer comprehensive, in-depth mouth hygiene and diet advice to help you maintain that beautifully fresh, clean feeling for as long as possible.

At our practices in Jesmond (Newcastle), Ponteland and Stanley, we’ll give you all the tools you need to refresh your dental hygiene routine.



  • Hand scale
  • Ultrasonic deep clean to remove tartar, plaque and heavy staining
  • Airflow – to gently and quickly remove staining and discolouration
  • Bespoke oral hygiene and diet advice


Fee: £65


The Honour Health Club

Honour Health Club members receive at least two Honour Diamond Airflow treatments per year as part of their membership. Ask us how to join our club!