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Honour Diamond Health Combination

Honour Health Dentist Newcastle

Honour Diamond Health Combination

The Honour Diamond Health Combination package combines our comprehensive Dental Health Assessment with Honour Diamond Airflow.

At Honour Health, our comprehensive Dental Health Assessment is at the very heart of the care we provide for you, as we believe it is a key factor in the prevention of ill health.

Our assessment includes:

  • X-rays (if required)
  • Jaw joint, muscles and neck glands check
  • Cheek, tongue and throat check
  • Mouth cancer risk assessment and screening
  • Gum check and gum disease risk assessment
  • Tooth decay check and tooth decay risk assessment
  • Check of existing fillings and dental work
  • Tooth wear check

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile with our advanced approach to your healthcare. That’s why, following your assessment, we’ll tailor a special health report for you, which outlines how we can work with you to improve not just your dental health, but your general health and wellbeing.


The Dental Health Assessment is then followed directly by our Honour Diamond Airflow treatment, consisting of:

  • Health and mouth hygiene assessment
  • Plaque report
  • Hand scale
  • Ultrasonic deep clean to remove tartar, plaque and heavy staining
  • Airflow – to gently and quickly remove staining and discolouration
  • Diamond polish – for a silky smooth feel
  • Bespoke oral hygiene and diet advice
  • Written mouth hygiene report

Fee: £100

(save £14 compared to booking the Dental Health Assessment and Honour Diamond Airflow treatments separately)

The Honour Health Club

Honour Health Club members receive at least two Dental Health Assessments and two Honour Diamond Airflow treatments per year as part of their membership. Ask us how to join our club!