Dentist Referrals


We welcome private referrals from other dentists for a range of treatments at Honour Health.


Michael Peterson | Endodontics | Honour Health    Michael Peterson | Endodontics | Honour Health

Michael Peterson

Dentist Michael Peterson welcomes referrals for private endodontic and re-endodontic treatment.

Michael graduated in graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from Newcastle University and has worked extensively in NHS and private dentistry in the North East since his graduation. He holds an MSc in Endodontics and has a particular interest in this area of dentistry.

Michael works at our Jesmond clinic, where he uses a state-of-the-art operating microscope for complex private treatments, allowing the tooth to be magnified and illuminated. Tooth structure can be tiny, and failure to clean the entire area inside the tooth can cause the procedure to fail. This microscope enables the inside of the tooth to be clearly visualised, resulting in better treatment outcomes for patients.

View Michael’s portfolio of work on his Instagram page here: 

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Honour Health principal dentist - Onkar Dhanoya

Onkar Dhanoya

Principal dentist Onkar Dhanoya has 35 years of dental experience and welcomes referrals for dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction and sedation. He works across all three of our clinics – Jesmond, Stanley and Ponteland. If you would like to refer your patient to him then please specify which clinic would be most convenient for your patient to attend.

Find out more about Onkar’s career and experience here

Michael and Onkar often work with nervous patients, and their top priority is to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable when they visit Honour Health.

To refer a patient to either Onkar or Michael, please fill out the secure online form below.

We will confirm receipt of your referral before we contact your patient and will keep you informed of progress. At the conclusion of the treatment, we will provide you with full details of the outcome of the treatment and will refer your patient back to you for your continued care.