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During the closure period, dentists at HH have been triaging your calls. Some commonly asked questions are answered below:

I had a check up and hygienist appointment booked but then the practice closed. Will this be rearranged or do I need to call and rebook?

All routine appointments that have been cancelled due to Covid19 will be rearranged when we move into phase 2. We have a record of all cancelled appointments, and a member of the HH team will contact you to rebook your appointments. You do not need to call us to cancel or rearrange.

I have a temporary crown on. When will I be able to get it replaced for the definitive crown?

Unfortunately when placing definitive crowns, the tooth needs to be conditioned before the crown is bonded; this process often creates an aerosol. In addition, the crown sometimes needs to be adjusted or temporary cement needs to be removed from the tooth. These processes can also create aerosols. During phase 1 we cannot carry out this treatment. We have a record of all patients who have temporary crowns and we will prioritise you when we move into phase 2. If your temporary crown has come off we may be able to recement this during phase 1.


I had a fixed retainer on my teeth and it has partially come off, what shall I do?

If part of your retainer has partially detached it can be sharp and irritating to the tongue. If you are able to bend the wire away from your tongue to stop it rubbing this is advisable. Alternatively call us and we can provide some orthodontic wax to cover the sharp end of the retainer. If you have a removable plastic retainer, please wear this. If you do not have a plastic retainer, this may be provided during phase 1. Please contact us to book this appointment.


I am on a dental plan, what happens to the appointments I missed?

We understand that many patients pay monthly for routine dental and hygiene appointments. These appointments will be carried forward. If you wish to freeze your plan account while we are closed, we understand. Please contact practice plan directly to do this.


I have appointments booked in late June, are these now going ahead?

All appointments scheduled for June have been cancelled. We have sent an email to all patients to explain this. These appointments will be rearranged when we move into phase 2.

When do you think routine examinations, hygiene visits and treatments will be provided?

It is really important to keep patients and staff safe. In the North East we are currently still experiencing a high infection rate and we believe safety comes first. We hope to move into phase 2 and provide routine care by mid July. Appointment times will be extended as more time is required for changing PPE, decontamination protocols and preparation of the clinical area. There will be fewer appointments available, and therefore in the short term, a longer waiting list for appointments. We are grateful for your continued patience.


What are your opening hours during Covid19?

From the 10th of June we will be offering appointments between 9:15 – 5:30pm in both Stanley and Jesmond. Appointments will be 30 minutes long. There will a dentist triaging calls in Stanley between 9am – 5pm, and 10am-4pm in Jesmond. We are hoping to open the Ponteland practice shortly. When we move into Phase 2, we will extend our working hours.


I have lost a tooth from my denture / broken my denture, when can I get this fixed?

If you have broken your denture it may be possible to have a tooth reattached or repair the denture without seeing a dentist. Please call us to speak to a member of the team about dropping your denture off for repair.


We hope we answered your questions. We are really looking forward to seeing you soon.