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Invisalign patients

Patients currently in treatment

We understand that many patients are mid treatment and have been unable to progress with their Invisalign treatment.
Your dentist will contact you during phase 1 and assess if you can be seen.
We advise all patient to continue to wear their aligners 22 hrs /day. If you require more cleaning crystals please contact us.
Change your aligners as advised by your dentist. Some patients have been advised to wear each aligner for a longer period before changing, to avoid running out of aligners.
If you have been wearing your last aligner for a number of weeks, your dentist can order you another set of this aligner. Please contact your dentist via email or telephone.

New Invisalign patients

Patients who are interested in starting Invisalign will require a smile consultation. Please email us or use the ‘contact us’ button to request a smile consultation. Those patients who have messaged or called during the closure have been added to our waiting list.
Patients with dental pain who require emergency treatment will be given priority during phase 1.
Thank you for your patience, we can’t wait to see you soon.