Dentist Mike Peterson carrying out endodontic treatment in Newcastle, also known as root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment 


Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is carried out by our dentists in Newcastle, Ponteland and Stanley to repair and save a badly damaged tooth. It is usually required when the nerve within the tooth becomes damaged or dies, usually as the result of a crack, trauma, infection or deep decay.

(Pictured above – Honour Health dentist Michael Peterson, who holds an MSc in Endodontics and treats complex private cases using a state-of-the-art operating microscope at our Jesmond practice.)

What symptoms might be experienced if a tooth requires root canal treatment?

      • Lingering sensitivity to hot and cold
      • Pain when biting or chewing
      • Waking during the night with toothache
      • Loose/mobile tooth
      • Swelling of the gum near the affected tooth
      • Facial swelling
      • The tooth becomes darker
      • A hole or crack in the tooth 

What is involved in root canal treatment?

The tooth is firstly numbed by local anaesthetic, so our patients do not feel any pain, and a rubber sheet is placed around the tooth to keep it clean as we carry out the treatment. A small window is made in the top of the tooth, allowing access to the space where the damaged or dead nerve sits. Fine instruments, and a disinfectant solution are used to clean out the nerve and any infection. The space is then filled with a rubber material to prevent any re-infection. Following the treatment a crown is usually required to prevent the tooth fracturing in future.

When carried out to a gold standard protocol, using the latest materials and techniques, this treatment gives a high and predictable success rate of more than 90%.

What if the root canal treatment required is particularly complex?

At Honour Health Jesmond, our dentist Michael Peterson has a particular interest in root canal treatment and holds an MSc in Endodontics. He is highly experienced in providing these treatments and welcomes referrals from other dentists for complex endodontic cases. To submit a referral to Mike, fill out our online form here

Michael uses a state-of-the-art operating microscope throughout complex private treatments, allowing the tooth to be magnified and illuminated. Tooth structure can be tiny, and failure to clean the entire area inside the tooth can cause the procedure to fail. This microscope enables the inside of the tooth to be clearly visualised, resulting in better treatment outcomes for our patients.

Michael and the rest of our dentists often work with nervous patients, and our top priority is to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable when they visit Honour Health.