At Honour Health, in our Newcastle, Ponteland and Stanley clinics, we use anti wrinkle treatments.

Treatment courses can significantly improve the appearance of those pesky frown lines, crow’s feet lines and forehead lines.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about this ever-popular skin treatment!

What product is used?

  • We use Azzalure, containing a substance called Botulinum Toxin A, which causes muscles to relax
  • Azzalure acts at the junction between the nerves and muscle to prevent the release of a chemical messenger called ‘acetylcholine’ from the nerve endings. This prevents muscles from contracting
  • The muscle relaxation is temporary and gradually wears off

What happens during treatment?

  • You will be asked to frown hard so that we can clearly see the area to treat
  • Before the treatment begins, anaesthetic LMX cream is applied, and is left on the skin for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • The area is cleansed, and each site is injected very precisely using a disposable syringe with a fine needle
  • As very tiny needles are used to inject the medication and only in minute amounts, any discomfort is usually minimal and short lived
  • As soon as your treatment is over you can resume normal daily activities
  • The small marks on the skin usually disappear within a few minutes

What happens after treatment?

  • You should start to see the effect over the next 3-14 days, and the maximum effect is seen about 3 weeks after treatment
  • Initially, the improvement that you see from this treatment will last from 3-4 months depending on the individual
  • You will notice a gradual fading effect, and this is the stage you can return for another treatment if desired
  • You will require repeat treatments 2-3 times per year. Over time, the duration of the effect increases, resulting in fewer treatments being needed to maintain the result

Would you like to chat to us in more detail about anti wrinkle treatments? At Honour Health, we offer free consultations to discuss any of our skin treatments. To book, call your chosen practice or book online – just click the button at the top or bottom of this page.