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dentist Newcastle | Honour Health
Honour Health dentist - Michael Peterson
Anonymous (Michael Peterson's patient)

“I was seen by Michael Peterson. I am usually very nervous of the dentist and he made me feel at ease and relaxed. He also noticed some cement residue had been left following years of me having braces and went above and beyond removing this for me to show my natural teeth which I’m much more confident about now. Had I not seen Michael I’d have been none the wiser and would have continued to be unhappy with my smile. I would recommend Michael/Honour Health to anyone.”

dentist Newcastle | Honour Health
Janice B (Xander Howell's patient)

“Lovely friendly helpful staff. Mr Howell is a brilliant dentist with a calming manner.”

Honour Health Skin Aesthetician Bobbi Reay
dentist durham | Honour Health
Paula G

“I had both my consultation and treatment appointments with Bobbi. She was so helpful and informative. Moving her work schedule to fit in with mine, so that appointments could be made to suit me. On arrival for my consultation, she talked me through the areas I had problems with and then fully discussed the best treatments, then gave me documentation to take home and read, which allowed me to make sure I was going for the right treatment. The treatment itself was brilliant. Bobbi was attentive throughout the whole procedure, ensuring I was comfortable at all times. Aftercare was fully explained and again, documents given. I can now honestly say that for both dental and skin aesthetics, Stanley branch really is second to none.”

Caroline Short - Hygienist - Honour Health
dentist Ponteland | Honour Health
Miss C Jessop

“Caroline was so understanding of my fear of injections. She was very reassuring and helped calm me during both visits to see her. She is so kind and really put me at ease. I was even able to laugh and joke throughout the treatment! Really pleased with the outcome too.

Honour Health principal dentist - Onkar Dhanoya
dentist Ponteland | Honour Health
Andy Ozanne

“I undertook Invisalign and implant treatments as my tooth was damaged and not aesthetically attractive. I have driven from Glasgow and East Midlands just to see Onkar Dhanoya, so it speaks for itself really. I trust him and I know that he has my wellbeing and dental health as a priority above all else.

I’ve been delighted with the results both aesthetically and with my dental health. Honour Health provides outstanding dental care and Onkar Dhanoya is clearly an exceptional dentist.”

Honour Health dentist - Claire Towers
dentist Newcastle | Honour Health
Laura Darmody

“Huge thanks to Claire Towers. After grinding my teeth for many years she has worked magic to get my teeth back to something I can be confident and proud of. I’m so happy. You are an awesome dentist Claire and not once have I felt nervous during the treatments. Highly recommended to anyone and all the staff at the dental practice are ace!”

Honour Health dentist | Matthew Joll
dentist durham | Honour Health
Mr T Raine

“I am very pleased and content with the service and attention I received. Matt Joll is a very pleasant and knowledgeable professional and I think a very good ambassador for the practice.”

Honour Health principal dentist - Onkar Dhanoya
dentist durham | Honour Health

“It was not my first experience with botox in this clinic. Onkar Dhanoya is a highly skilled professional, knows what he is doing and I fully trust his advice for my face. I like the location, decor and staff. If you want the best prices & best treatments then make sure you go to Honour Health Stanley.”

Honour Health dentist - Gulshan Dhanoya
dentist Newcastle | Honour Health
Alexandra B

“Dental surgeon Gulshan Dhanoya has completely transformed my smile, by replacing my discoloured/irregular shaped veneers to natural looking whiter ones. Having knocked half of my two front teeth out as a child I never expected such good results, and I can’t thank Gulshan enough for her time and dedication. Unlike many other dental practices I felt that Gulshan genuinely cared about my wellbeing and did not hesitate to book longer/additional appointments to ensure the best possible results were achieved.”


Honour Health principal dentist - Onkar Dhanoya
dentist Ponteland | Honour Health
Brian Foster

“Further to my recent dental treatment with Onkar Dhanoya – many thanks for the results. My ‘bite’ is much improved and my eating experience distinctly more comfortable. In addition, the new smile you skillfully crafted for me is remarkable – it is quite splendid work and for me an unexpected outcome of the treatment.

I now both eat more confidently and smile more frequently – great result!”