Here at Honour Health, we know how important it is to find a form of exercise that you love. If you’re stuck in a rut with your workouts, have you thought about trying something new?

The Barre, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, is a total body workout that shares its DNA with the resistance training found in classical ballet. It strips back the most effective movements to their base mechanics using short, intense, targeted movements to push your muscles into a fast burn before lengthening and stretching them out.

We asked professional dancer Natalie Catlah, founder and director of The Barre, to tell us more about the benefits of this great form of exercise.

“Often I’m asked: ‘What are the benefits of The Barre, healthwise?’ I usually reply with some variation of the following: ‘The more relevant question might be, what isn’t beneficial from The Barre regime?’ to which the answer is…nothing!

Everything about The Barre regime is beneficial, from the non-impact cardiovascular activity to the HIIT training and calorie-burning style of movement.  Equally beneficial is the strength-training, using only your own body weight as resistance, as well the strength-based stretching which lengthens your muscles, providing stability and flexibility. The Barre regime is also incredibly valuable as a rehabilitation tool after an injury, providing pain-relief, strength and range of motion.

The health benefits of being active and strong are abundant, and there are lots of scientific studies confirming that exercise and activity lead to longer, healthier and happier lives.  Specifically, The Barre delivers these benefits in spades.

Perhaps most importantly is the benefits towards your emotional health. The Barre regime delivers a massive dose of endorphins during and after every class, and these help to de-stress and stabilise your emotional well-being. Endorphins are a natural antidepressant and are part of the chemical process that makes us feel happy.  Moreover, the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing any of our classes is immeasurable and invaluable.  You will know what I’m talking about if you’ve taken a class…it’s that post-barre buzz that makes you feel like you’re a Barre Badass!

I’ve not yet even mentioned the value of what you learn at The Barre.  You learn about your body, how it works (or doesn’t) and how you can use this information to develop body control during exercise, and everyday life! Not only is The Barre a useful tool in injury rehab, but is essential in injury prevention. You learn how to train your body using The Barre fundamentals of stability and mobility to reach your goals safely and effectively.

Indirectly, our clients also benefit from The Barre by being around and supported by an absolutely incredible group of people who are like-minded, hard working and inspiring.  I’m talking not only about our instructors, but perhaps more importantly about the clients taking the classes. They embody what it means to lift each other up and help each other stay on track towards each of their fitness goals.  We are a community of people, all shapes, sizes, abilities, and ages who try like hell to be better and help each other on the way.

So when people ask me what the benefits of The Barre are, I say, ‘everything.’”

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