In this week’s blog post, our dental therapist Caroline, who provides dedicated hygiene appointments at our Ponteland clinic, explains why our EMS Airflow hygiene system is a vital treatment for dental implant patients.

“Our state of the art EMS Airflow hygiene system is undoubtedly the fastest, most comfortable and effective way to instantly brighten your smile whilst also providing a thorough, gentle clean – but did you know that Airflow has also revolutionised the way we care for dental implant patients?  

If you invest in a dental implant, it’s important to take care to keep it clean and healthy. If plaque builds up over time then a dental implant will fail, and could be susceptible to disease.

Why Airflow?

Over the past few years I’ve witnessed first-hand the transformative results Airflow provides in the maintenance of dental implants. Airflow provides safe and efficient plaque removal and is an essential system for properly cleaning around implants to ensure their durability and longevity. It is also a far more thorough and comfortable experience than conventional scaling. Gone are the lengthy, arduous periods of scraping and polishing!

Airflow’s sophisticated approach uses a high-pressure air and water jet and a specially-formulated powder to provide a much deeper, more powerful, superior clean.

The Airflow Perioflow nozzle is the only high-precision instrument able to clean deep within the gum tissue (sub-gingivally), ensuring optimal plaque removal in even the most tricky to access areas. Airflow is comfortable and safe around soft tissues, and is minimally invasive, with no risk of scratching or damaging dental implant surfaces, crowns or bridges. This makes it the obvious choice for regular dental implant maintenance.

How often should dental implant patients have an Airflow treatment?

Our dentists ask their dental implant patients to see me every three months for Airflow treatments, to keep their implants clean and healthy.

We recommend that our dental implant patients join our Honour Health Club in order to benefit from four Airflow treatments per year included within their membership, as well as two comprehensive dental health assessments per year, up to 20% off private treatments, and much more.

As an added benefit of Airflow, I’ve noticed that many of my patients who used to need local anaesthesia during their hygiene appointments are now able to have their treatment without it. This is a great testament to the comfort and efficiency of the Airflow experience. For those who live in fear of the needle, it’s the ultimate game-changer!

Book your appointment with me today to discover how Airflow can not only help you achieve the bright, beautiful smile of your dreams, but also ensure the optimal health of your dental implants – protecting your investment in your smile. I look forward to seeing you!”

To book an Airflow treatment with Caroline, call Honour Health Ponteland on 01661 821 412, email or book a slot via our website.

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