At our Newcastle, Ponteland and Stanley skin clinics, we provide anti wrinkle treatments.

Anti wrinkle treatments can significantly improve the appearance of those pesky frown lines, crow’s feet lines and forehead lines, helping you to look fresher, more youthful, and like you’ve had a great sleep!

Interested in finding out more about what’s involved in an anti wrinkle appointment at our Skin Sanctuary? Read on…

What product is used?

We use Azzalure, containing a substance called Botulinum Toxin A, which causes muscles to relax and prevents them from contracting. This lessens the appearance of existing lines, and also acts preventatively to stop new lines from forming.

What happens during treatment?

You will be asked to frown hard so that we can clearly see the area to treat. Before the treatment begins, anaesthetic LMX cream is applied, and is left on the skin for 30 minutes to numb the area, so that your treatment is comfortable.

The area is cleansed, and each site is injected with small amounts of Azzalure, very precisely, using a disposable syringe with a very fine needle.

As soon as your treatment is over you can carry on with your day, without having to hide away from the world! You will see some small marks on the skin at the injecting sites, but these will die down soon afterwards. For the first four hours after treatment, keep your head upright, and don’t rub or massage your face for 24 hours, as this could spread the product to different areas.

What happens after treatment?

You should start to see the effect over the next 3-14 days, and the maximum effect is seen about 3 weeks after treatment. This improvement will last from 3-4 months. To maintain the effect, repeat treatments are required 2-3 times per year. Over time, the effect will last longer, so fewer treatments would be needed to maintain the result.

What else can the treatment do?

It is a little-known fact that this is also an effective treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) in the underarm area. Botulinum Toxin is injected into the overactive sweat glands, blocking excess nerve signals and reducing the amount of sweat the body releases.

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