This week, we’d like to tell you more about Honour Diamond Airflow, which is our signature mouth hygiene package here at Honour Health. We love it!

What is Honour Diamond Airflow?

Honour Diamond Airflow uses a state of the art EMS Airflow machine to clean and polish the teeth with a mix of water, compressed air and fine powder particles. It is used for stain removal, plaque removal and periodontal treatment (cleaning under the gum).

How does it work?

A powerful jet of water, air and fine powder is fired at the tooth. The Airflow machine polishes all the surfaces of a tooth, removes plaque, discoloration and soft deposits and painlessly reaches deep into periodontal pockets. It is developed specifically for subgingival application (under the gum), and uses a specially formulated glycine-based powder, which has just one fifth of the abrasiveness of sodium bicarbonate. This means staining and plaque is removed quickly and effectively.

Who would we recommend Honour Diamond Airflow to?

There are so many patients who benefit from this treatment, including:

  • Patients who have a staining from tea and coffee, red wine, or smoking
  • Patients who have sensitive teeth and find ultrasonic scaling sensitive and painful
  • Patients with periodontal disease
  • Patients with dental implants
  • Patients with orthodontic brackets
  • Patients who want an overall whiter appearance of the teeth, or who are going to get their teeth whitened


What are the benefits of this treatment compared to other hygiene appointments that don’t feature EMS Airflow?

  • Less sensitivity
  • Faster cleaning
  • Painless treatment
  • Better stain removal results
  • Can be used to clean around dental implants

Here’s a great video of the treatment in action:


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Mouth Hygiene packages

We offer a range of excellent packages, which combine Honour Diamond Airflow with our other treatments – including at-home or in-surgery teeth whitening. You can make great savings by buying these combination packages, rather than purchasing the treatments separately. Find out more here:

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