This week, we continue our series of blog posts about our state of the art Airflow hygiene treatment. For our latest post, our dental therapist Caroline, who offers dedicated hygiene appointments at our Ponteland clinic, highlights why our EMS Airflow hygiene system plays an essential role in your Invisalign experience at Honour Health.

“If you’ve decided to go ahead with Invisalign to straighten your smile, you’ve made a great choice. Invisalign uses clear, removable aligners to gradually move your teeth, and I’ve seen so many patients achieve fantastic results with this choice of orthodontic treatment.

Before Invisalign

Before you start your Invisalign journey, we recommend that you have a professional Airflow hygiene treatment to help ensure your teeth and gums are clean and healthy. After all, you’re about to start wearing plastic aligners for 22 hours a day, only removing them to eat, drink, brush and floss, so your teeth need to be kept free of decay. Airflow’s high-pressure air and water jet and specially formulated powder provides a much deeper, more powerful clean than conventional scaling, and it’s really comfortable too.

Cleaning around attachments

During your Invisalign journey, it’s likely that your dentist will place small, tooth-coloured attachments on some of your teeth, to help the aligners grip and gradually move your teeth into their new positions. During an Airflow treatment, we can get to all of those hard-to-reach areas, to carefully and thoroughly clean around your attachments, and get your smile sparkling. Airflow is the only way to safely and properly clean around attachments, and sub-gingivally, to get rid of any plaque lurking below the gum line. There’s no risk of scratching or damaging the attachments during this process.

During Invisalign

Regular Airflow treatments will help you to maintain a healthy smile during your Invisalign treatment. You should also be brushing and flossing your teeth after eating, before you put your aligners back in your mouth. This, in conjunction with professional Airflow treatments, should ensure great oral health throughout your Invisalign experience!

It can be difficult to keep your mouth feeling squeaky clean while you have aligners in your mouth all day and night, so I find that Invisalign patients really look forward to Airflow treatments to regain that freshness that only a professional hygiene visit can give.

After Invisalign

When you’ve finished your Invisalign treatment and your teeth are beautifully straight, it’s time to whiten! At Honour Health, we provide free teeth whitening to all Invisalign patients, so that they really get the wow factor when they look at their newly straight, beautifully white smile. We would always advise that you have an Airflow treatment before you begin the teeth whitening process, as this will remove initial plaque and tough staining, providing an excellent starting point for whitening, and helping you to get the best possible result.

We recommend that our Invisalign patients join our Honour Health Club in order to benefit from four Airflow treatments per year included within their membership, as well as two comprehensive dental health assessments per year, 10% off their Invisalign treatment and much more.

Book your appointment with me today to discover how Airflow can help your Invisalign smile to gleam with good health.”

To book an Airflow treatment with Caroline, call Honour Health Ponteland on 01661 821 412, email or book a slot via our website.

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